History of Lineage

Tung, Hai-Chuan (董海川)

Chen, Ting-Hua (程庭華), 2nd Generation

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Chen, Hai-Ting (程海廷)


Lu, Hong-Bin  (盧鴻賓) 4th generation pictured center and disciples. Master Chen is on the far left in suit.

Master Sun Si Qunn

Sun, Xi-Gun  (孫錫堃) 4th generation Kung Fu brother of Lu Hong Bin

Master Lu was in Nan Ging City 1947

Master Lu was at Nan Jing Central Martial Arts School.(1947)


Chang, Chi-Zhi  (張其志left (Master Chen’s uncle master at 95yrs. old) Chen,Yuan-Hsing  (陳元興), 5th generation Tung Hai Chuan lineage right      


Master Chen and his Uncle Master Chang Chi Zhi.  Even at 95 yrs. Uncle Master Chang was able to push hands and still loved to discuss martial art theory and application.


Master Tao (on left), ShiMu Lu (盧師母 center),  and Master Chen (on the right)   in 2004


Master Chen visited Grandmaster William C.C. Chen in August 2008.

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