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Master Chen has over 40+ years of teaching experience and holds numerous awards honoring his expertise. Master Chen, founder of Health Pai Da Qi Gong started teaching the internal styles of Health Pai Da Qi Gong, Tai Chi Chuan, Xing Yi Chuan, and Ba Gua Zhen in America shortly after relocating here from Taiwan in the year of 2004.

A senior disciple of Grandmaster Lu Hung Bin, who is a 4th generation Tung Hai Chuan lineage holder,  Master Chen teaches high level push hands and how to relax the body and mind through exercise in order to maximize one’s overall potential.

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Judge of ICMAC. International Chinese Martial Arts Championship. Dallas, TX (March, 2010)
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Judge of LEGENDS OF CUNG FU World Martial Arits Championship.(July, 2009)
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Judge of International Taiji Legacy Tournament.(2003,2005)

Judge of Seventh Annual International Chinese Martial Arts Championship.(2005)

Judge of Desert Dragon Tournament. (2004,2007)

President of Yuan Tai Chi Institute.

Instructor of Central New Mexico Community College (CNM)!The Albuquerque Technical Vocational Institute has a new name.

Instructor of University of New Mexico.

Instructor of China Youth Corps. Tai-Chung city, Taiwan.(台中市救國團一中國傳统太極拳班)


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