Master Chen has over 40+ years of martial arts teaching experience.kungFu

In Taiwan he has been recognized for his accomplishments, as an international judge, has received numerous awards for outstanding performance, and for dedicating his life to martial arts and propagation of his particular styles.


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Founder of Health Pai Da Qi Gong in America (also known as 健康拍打氣功 in chinese) , Master Chen started teaching internal styles of Health Pai Da Qi Gong (健康拍打氣功), Tai-Chi-Chuan(太極拳),  Xing-Yi-Chuan (形意拳) and Ba-Gua-Zhen (八卦陣) three years ago shortly after relocating here from Taiwan.

In a world filled with “McKwoons”, meaning generic martial arts schools out to make a quick buck, and people claiming that their martial art is the best, it is hard to wade through the mess of martial claims and find a true master that is willing to teach.

To my amazement I recently discovered that TVI is fortunate to have a true kung fu master on their hands, teaching under our noses at main campus. Chen Yuan Hsing, or Master Chen, started teaching Yang style Tai Chi at TVI shortly after moving here from Taiwan in 2003.


History & Tai Chi Style

Yang style Tai Chi (楊氏 太極)  is named in honor of the founder, Yang Lu-chan (1799-1872), who was born in Hebei  province China and studied Tai Chi under the tutelage of Master Chen Chang Xing and was known throughout China as Yang Wu Di.  (Yang the Invincible).

Tai Chi is an internal or soft style Chinese Martial Art that develops Chi, the energy that flows through the body, and has countless mental and physical health benefits, including increased strength, relaxation, energy, self-defense, reduced stress and fatigue, and increased vitality and longevity, as Master Chen says, “at 54 I still feel as though I am 30 years old”, and to see him move you would believe he is.

Master Chen has over 40 years+ of Martial Arts experience and has been recognized for his accomplishments in Taiwan and received numerous awards for outstanding performance and has been recognized as an International Judge. He has dedicated his life to martial arts and the propagation of his particular styles, which in addition to Tai Chi are Ba Gua and Hsing Yi, both primarily internal styles of Martial Arts. Anyone is capable of doing Tai Chi, and like most things, you get out what you put in, so the harder you work at it the better and more profound the results.

At TVI Master Chen teaches one of the original forms called the 37 postures, which is a basic foundation for later studies or a form to be done repeatedly for added mental and physical health benefits. Chris Hargrove has taken Master Chen’s class for the past three semesters and said that “it was a perfect opportunity to get in shape right here on campus” and that Master Chen’s style of teaching presented the material in a way “that was easy to understand”. David Steele began taking Tai Chi as after doing Yoga and said that one of the primary reasons for doing Tai Chi was for the “ligament and joint health” that Tai Chi provides, which was of great benefit to him. At the age of 70 Mr. Steele is one of Master Chen’s first and oldest students and said that Master Chen is “a nice person and gives a lot of individual attention in order to help everyone keep up”, Mr. Steele also adds that he will continue learning under Master Chen as long as he keeps teaching.

Don’t panic if the classes don’t fit into your schedule because Master Chen also teaches at the Yuan Tai Chi Institute, so please contact him for further information. Check your schedule of classes to find out times and drop by to meet Master Chen and check out the class.



Thank you for the pictures
It is nice to know you enjoyed yourself!
Your tai chi chuan and qigong are first class.
Hope to see you sooner than later.
But it may be in September.
I will send you the programs tomorrow!
Say hi to teddy please.
Thank you, Doria Cook-Nelson

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Students Award


Students Acclaim

The webpage is awesome and I am very fortunate that I am one of your students. Keep up the good work. This form of health exercise is smooth. This is a very powerful form of meditation and relaxation.

Master Chen, thank you very much

Patty B-T


I began Tai Chi Chuan and Pai Da Qi Gong with Master Chen in July 2006.  Master Chen is truly a master of these martial art forms for he is very precise, thorough and patient.  I enjoy every minute of my class and have benefited by being more calm, aware and stronger.  Regular practice of Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong has definitely improved the quality of my life!

Toni Meeks

Albuquerque, New Mexico


Two years ago I was part of the Pojoaque Artists Studio Tour in Nambe.  I was discussing the stress my work put me under with one of the visitors.  She suggested I enroll in the Tai Chi classes at the Pojoaque Wellness Center, being taught by a “real Chinese Master”.  She and her husband had, and found it to be a perfect “stress buster”. I went over with my daughter to check it out.  Master Chen, the teacher, loves to tell students that he never thought I would stay.  I had joined the class late so I had no idea of what I was doing.  I had also suffered for years from chronic back pain, and had had to drop yoga, pilates, and many other types of exercise, so I also was unsure of how far I would be able to go with Tai Chi. At first it was touch and go, until I learned to relax my back and take the weight in my legs.  This of course takes time- the strength has to be built. But I can say that I have changed nothing in my life over the last two years, but the addition of Tai Chi, and that I virtually have no back pain. I am stronger, more flexible, and more relaxed. I also love Tai Chi. Sometimes I think it is the closest I will ever come to flying. I am grateful to have had a teacher that takes the time to show us how to go deeply into the form, and adheres to the principles of Tai Chi, without embellishing for a showy effect.      Joan Roberts        June   2007.

ARTIST JOAN ROBERTS WEBSITE: “www.joanrobertsart.com


Trying to find a good Tai Chi Chuan teacher who truly understands it is very difficult because it is a very complex and subtle art where only very few practitioners are able to grasp its use of effortless power. I am very fortunate to have run into Master Chen who can demostrate his martial art with a level of relaxation and ease that matches what is written in the Tai Chi Classics.

Learning from Master Chen, I have gotten stronger, more flexible, and feel healthier. Because of its meditative aspects, Tai Chi practice has also provided mental health benefits by being a great method for stress relief.

Master Chen is very generous with his knowledge and patiently gives the necessary instructions for his students to reach their next level of development. I feel that with the teachings I have received from Master Chen I can pursue the depths of Tai Chi Chuan as a living art form for the rest of my life.

Kandy Phan

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