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Master Chen, founder of Health Pai Da Qi Gong in America (also known as 健康拍打氣功 in chinese) ,  he started teaching internal styles of Health Pai Da Qi Gong© (健康拍打氣功),  Tai-Chi-Chuan(太極拳),  Xing-Yi-Chuan (形意拳) and Ba-Gua-Zhen (八卦陣) three years ago shortly after relocating here from Taiwan.

Health Pai Da Qi Gong© is a form of Chinese exercise that helps increase mental clarity, energy, strength blood circulation, and relaxation. In additional, Health Pai Da Qi Gong may built martial arts bases.

Health Pai Da Qi Gong©  is an exercise set that can be done in about 20 minutes and needs only the amount of space required to swing one’s arms.

Health Pai Da Qi Gong© has been known to give relief to headaches, back aches, digestive ailments, and other chronic conditions when used regularly and at the onset of pain.

History & Tai Chi Style

Yang style Tai Chi (楊氏 太極)  is named in honor of the founder, Yang Lu-chan (1799-1872), who was born in Hebei  province China and studied Tai Chi under the tutelage of Master Chen Chang Xing and was known throughout China as Yang Wu Di.  (Yang the Invincible).

Tai Chi is an internal or soft style Chinese Martial Art that develops Chi, the energy that flows through the body, and has countless mental and physical health benefits, including increased strength, relaxation, energy, self-defense, reduced stress and fatigue, and increased vitality and longevity, as Master Chen says, “at 54 I still feel as though I am 30 years old”, and to see him move you would believe he is.

Master Chen has over 40 years+ of Martial Arts experience and has been recognized for his accomplishments in Taiwan and received numerous awards for outstanding performance and has been recognized as an International Judge. He has dedicated his life to martial arts and the propagation of his particular styles, which in addition to Tai Chi are Ba Gua and Hsing Yi, both primarily internal styles of Martial Arts. Anyone is capable of doing Tai Chi, and like most things, you get out what you put in, so the harder you work at it the better and more profound the results.